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Life's too short for
the wrong career.
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Learn to code.

Life's too short for

the wrong career.

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The Iron Yard is the beginning of a lifelong journey.

-Lance Putnam, Greenville, SC Front End Engineering Graduate

Learn to code with The Iron Yard and join people from all walks of life pursuing their dream of launching a career in technology.

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Matt Bertino

Front End Engineering Student

Matt Bertino left a great job in big finance to pursue his dream of building a company. After graduating from The Iron Yard he joined our Digital Health accelerator program.

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Jeremy Butler

Mobile Engineering Student

Jeremy Butler toured the world playing music, but returned to his first love of programming through The Iron Yard. He is now developing applications for State Farm.

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Michelle Child

User Interface Design Graduate

After working as an English teacher abroad, Michelle became enthralled with the interface design. She joined The Iron Yard and found a job within weeks of graduation.

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Astrid Countee

Rails Engineering Graduate

Astrid Countee was a data analyst working in oil and gas, but decided to pursue her passion for building software. She now enjoys a successful freelance career.

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We offer a variety of courses designed to help people reach their learning and career goals. Our 12-week immersive coding bootcamp courses dive deep into a single programming discipline and fully prepare you to find a fulfilling job. If you're not ready for a full-time program, try one of our free Crash Courses and dip your toe into the world of software development.

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Our students come from all walks of life. Join The Iron Yard family!
back end engineering

Back End Engineering focuses on the logic and database needs required to run and scale web applications. Back End products combine databases, APIs, and user interface frameworks. Backend developers deploy fully formed products to the cloud, integrate with online services, and enable mobile and front end applications.

front end engineering

Front End Engineering focuses on creating experiences in web browsers that users see and interact with. The discipline covers a broad area, from web design principles to complex JavaScript applications that manage data. The tools used in Front End Engineering are ubiquitous—no matter the technology used on the Back End, Front-Enders are responsible for delivering the experience and data to the person using the web application.

Data Science

Data Science focuses on using programming to find, extract, clean, analyze, and present data. Data developers work with researchers, statisticians, and developers from other disciplines to draw intelligence from data. Utilizing web frameworks, they share their findings and empower users to extract insights from the results.

Mobile Engineering

Mobile Engineering focuses on creating native experiences designed specifically for mobile operating systems and the hardware they run on. Mobile developers create tactile apps that leverage internet connectivity, content capture functionality and hardware-specific features. End users download and use those apps to consume, create and distribute using their devices wherever they are.

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