Peter Barth

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Peter went to Vanderbilt University and studied computer engineering, which naturally led to him becoming an options executive on Wall Street. After the financial markets had worn out their welcome, he packed his family up, moved to Indianapolis and returned to his hacker roots as a software developer and CTO for SinglePoint, Inc. After several other successful startup exits, he moved his family to Greenville, SC, where he helped start NEXT and build the NEXT Innovation Center and founded the Iron Yard. He currently serves as our CEO and is sometimes referred to as "The Iron Barth."

Eric Dodds

Partner, Chief Marketing Officer

Eric was born and raised in Upstate SC, where he spent his early years hiking, mountain biking and dirt bike riding with his dad. Somehow he ended up at Clemson University, where he tutored calculus, studied marketing and matriculated summa cum laude. (We hear there was a lot of wake boarding, too.) After school Eric worked at a nationally renowned marketing shop, where he developed content, managed accounts and built strategies for companies like Best Buy and Doubleday. He crossed paths with Peter as the Iron Yard was being born and jumped ship to join as a partner and head of marketing.

John Saddington

Partner, Public Relations Officer

John is a hacker, writer, and lover of all things 8-bit. His first project of note was a "Choose Your Own Adventure" quest in BASIC when he was 11. He grew up (a bit) and has since worked as an engineer and executive for Fortune 50 companies and has exited a handful of bootstrapped and VC-funded startups. He serves as partner and public relations officer at The Iron Yard and at night he works on his small indie development project called Desk.

Mason Stewart

Partner, Lead Instructor, Chief Technology Officer

Mason was born and raised in Jackson, MS (better known as The Dirty South). He grew up in the woods and, as a result, likes animals, trees and beer. A hacker from the start, he began hacking on software in his early teens. Upon moving back to the USA after four years in Japan, at age 24 he ended a multi-year fast from programming and hit the ground running. Like any good college graduate with a degree in philosophy, he has worked for small, boutique web shops, startups in San Francisco and everywhere in between. Mason serves as our CTO and head of all things pedagogical.

Corporate Team

Aubrey Anderson

Human Resource Coordinator

Aubrey was born in Houston, TX, and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina, meaning she's a southern girl through and through. Before she was even halfway through with her degree at the University of South Carolina, she had already joined Peter to help run the first iteration of our Accelerator program when she wasn't in class. On campus she served as Philanthropy Chair then Recruitment Vice President for Alpha Delta Pi (largest chapter in the nation). Every summer since then she has returned to Greenville to keep us straight with her perfect organizational skills, type-A project management skills and her always-wonderful way with people.

Lauren Ellisberg

Director of Compliance and Government Relations

Lauren was born and raised in Raleigh, NC until she moved north for college and law school. She spent time living in and traveling around northern Virginia, DC, New York, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. After graduating from New York Law School she worked for a stint with the Bronx County District Attorney's Office, and met Christopher Meloni from Law & Order on a street corner. Switching tempos, she moved back to Raleigh in 2012 and found a hub of awesome awaiting her. After working as a paralegal and attempting to win back some of her spirit with a non-profit job, she joined the Iron Yard team to combine all her random talents into a lean, mean, licensing machine.

Lindsey Owings

Talent Discovery

Lindsey is a Mercer University Stetson School of Business grad. Her professional experience has taken her on a tour through higher education at the University of Georgia, a small benefits brokerage startup in Alpharetta, and then to Bain & Company where she began her career recruiting in 2008. She landed in Denver in 2012 where she recruited for DaVita Healthcare Partners Inc., a Fortune 300 healthcare company. While in the Mile High city, she picked up a love for road cycling, microbreweries, snowboarding, and all things Colorado. Being closely tied to her family (i.e., her adorable nieces and nephews), Atlanta ultimately called her home. Lindsey enjoys any music she can sing or dance to, binging on Netflix and HBO, visiting her best friend in Maui, attempting handstands, and driving fast cars.

Nathan Spainhour

Creative Director and Brand Craftsman

Nathan is a native to Upstate SC. He spent his childhood summers climbing trees and playing King's Quest while burning through VHS copies of The Neverending Story on rainier days. Skipping ahead so as not to bore the poor readers here, Nathan attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fl - bouncing between majors ranging from theatrical scene design to photography. Somehow in the end, he ended up with a degree in graphic design, a girlfriend that would become his wife, and (with her persuasion) an affinity for small dogs. After college, he returned to SC and began a career in design and advertising. The last 10 years Nathan has worked as a lead digital creative on brands like EDF, Intuit Turbo Tax and Ryobi Power Tools. Now he's happily leading the branding and creative efforts at the Iron Yard.

Joe Tamburro

Digital Projects Developer

A transplant due to the textile industry, Joe was born in Los Angeles, CA, but his roots are planted in Greenville. His journey began as a drummer at age 10 and led him down a path stopping at Clemson University for a degree in business followed up with the completion of the second-ever Iron Yard course offered. Now a Harvard Fellow tasked with changing the field of Primary Care, Joe has come full circle and returns to the Iron Yard team marrying his business background with his technical skills developed right here.

Campus Directors

Toni Aliberti

Campus Director

Toni was born in South Carolina, raised in Virginia, and lives in Florida, where she learned to love the southeast, sunny weather, and chihuahuas. After receiving her MBA at the University of Tampa, she began to share the impact of how technology can help nonprofit organizations touch more people. Realizing the need for talented developers, she crossed paths with the Iron Yard who shares many of her same values. Her passion is people and believes technology can help people achieve better results, quicker. She is excited about the warm welcome from St. Petersburg/Tampa and looks forward to collaborating with the community to develop amazing developers who want to make awesome things.

Dana Calder

Campus Director

Dana has over 8 years of experience in education sales and support. She was recently an Account Executive for MetaMetrics, a Durham-based company specializing in educational measurement and achievement research. She also spent over 6 years at Cengage Learning, a leading educational content, technology, and services company. Dana is thrilled to join The Iron Yard where she will be able to interact with students, alumni and hiring partners throughout the state. Dana will take the campus to the next level by building upon our local hiring partner network and providing more robust alumni support.

Gene Crawford

Campus Director

Gene is a designer with almost 2 decades of experience in the industry (Ugh!?!) and a degree in Graphic Design. He has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications through his business at Period Three. An active member in the design community, he manages SOCO Columbia's Cowork , he's the editor & producer of Unmatched Style, organizer of Refresh Columbia and the Converge conferences, President of AIGA South Carolina and writes a monthly column for Net Magazine.

Joshua Cournoyer

Campus Director

Joshua was born in Providence, Rhode Island and is a recent transplant to Nashville. After graduating from the Community College of Rhode Island he managed rock clubs in New England, sat on the board of directors for a music history museum, and worked as a project manager for a chain of alternative newspapers. After moving to Tennessee last year, he spent the summer touring the country as a hired musician, becoming inspired by the entrepreneurial rebirth he witnessed in each city where he performed. He started playing around with code when he returned to Nashville, while looking for a meaningful opportunity to help contribute to the tech community of his adopted home. A diehard football fan, music fanatic, and occasional yogi, Joshua aspires to make Nashville the loudest Iron Yard campus.

Gio Difeterici

Campus Director

Giovanni began his career as a fine artists, mostly painting and showing in the south-east. He taught two years of high school and two years at the collegiate level, but hated the politics of schools and decided to get into commercial art. He got picked up by a web firm in Columbia, SC called Period-Three and fell in love with all things web. He is editor for UnmatchedStyle.com, creative director for ConvergeSE and has written a book "The Web Designer's Roadmap" for SitePoint.

Brian Dorton

Campus Director

Brian Dorton is the Campus Director in Houston. He was born in Victoria, TX and moved to Houston soon after graduating from Texas A&M with a BS in Biomedical Science. He worked in education for 10 years with experience ranging from classroom teacher to campus administrator and everything in between. He received his Masters in Educational Management in 2010 from the University of Houston Clear Lake. He has had the unique opportunity to see learning take place in students as young as 5 all the way through retiring professionals. Being able to facilitate that learning, and seeing the same “ah ha” moments on the faces of students, regardless of age, is what ignites the fire in him to continue this endeavor. He is a father of two beautiful girls who take up all of his free time and he also firmly believes that that brisket is the only BBQ that should be considered BBQ.

Kayt Hensley

Campus Operations Manager

Kayt works on our admissions pipeline and onboarding new students. She joined us from Cisco where she was a Project Coordinator for their internal training programs. She's a life-long learner, as represented by her Masters Degrees in both History and Museum Studies. You can find her musical talents on display with the Raleigh Concert Band.

Adam Jahr

Campus Operations Manager

Adam grew up in Minnesota before moving to Florida, where he attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He began his career as a journalist before transitioning to the nonprofit world, overseeing programming at a Tampa Bay community center. His passion for education led him back to Orlando to join The Iron Yard to make an impact on the lives of its students and the local community. When he's not behind a laptop, Adam can be found at music festivals or taking in local parks.

Su Kim

Campus Director

After a nomadic existence through the South, Midwest, and overseas, Su is planting roots in northern Virginia. She comes to the Iron Yard after several years of advocating for sensible immigration policy. Su is excited to show the impact that technology can have through education and see the DC campus grow in influence and support of the region. A 'non-political' political junkie, she loves all things games and DC-related shows.

Sally Kingston

Campus Director

Sally grew up in Davidson, NC, but fled the south as soon as she could. She studied Math at Swarthmore College in not-so-sunny Pennsylvania, then fled the snow back to the south as soon as she could return, spending a few years in Chapel Hill studying Information Science at UNC and finally landing in Charleston, SC. She has spent most of the past seven years hanging out with developers in various capacities and has even picked up a little code herself. She spends her free time chasing her twin boys, pursuing the perfect gluten free cookie, and playing roller derby as her alter ego, Whippopotamus.

Sarah Lodato

Campus Director

Sarah Lodato is a self-professed crafty superstar, and can be spotted around town digging through piles of vintage treasures for the next DIY opportunity. Her love for all-things-Atlanta has driven her deep involvement with the crafter and maker communities, a sense of “togetherness” she’s excited to bring to the Iron Yard. She's keen on styling and graphic design, always keeping her feet on both sides of the fence when it comes to creative and technical abilities.Her passion for education will be a driving force in new markets, and she’s excited to grow the organization's impactful and welcoming community.

Tisha Looker

Campus Director

Tisha is a southern girl at heart, though at this point she's been in Las Vegas long enough to consider herself a local. Born in a small town in Tennessee, she decided early on to experience different cities and lived in several southern states before heading out west. She spent nine years as a stay at home mom before coming back into the work force. Always excited about technology, she studied Ruby and Ruby on Rails before landing in an admin role at an online retailer. From there she shifted her focus from development to technical product management while also keeping an eye towards internal technical education. Her free time is spent with her developer husband, her javascript loving son and her three dogs, all named after Final Fantasy Characters.

Susanna Miller

Campus Director

Susanna was raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and has also lived in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Virginia; she considers herself an extreme Southerner as a result. She moved to Orlando three years ago to do her MBA at Rollins, and came to the Iron Yard through her search for a way to use her business skills and passion for education to positively impact the lives of people in her community. She loves new stories and old books, and when she has free time, likes to experiment with crafting and sewing, as well as baking French pastries.

Jessica Mitsch

Campus Director

Jessica is the Campus Director for Durham. She is a Raleigh native and a graduate of the College of Charleston where she majored in Religious Studies. She unexpectedly stumbled into a career in tech by working on the People Team at Red Hat, Inc. where she learned to love the exciting and innovative world of tech. She is extremely passionate about education and is excited to pair her passion for education with her experience in the tech space. She can be found moving in a studio somewhere - dancing or doing yoga. She loves to travel, just about anywhere she can go and is a bit of a health nut.

Roy Schmidt

Campus Director

Roy grew up in Tulsa, OK, but recently moved to the area after 12 years in Seattle, where he performed random acts of marketing and product management for Disney, Microsoft and a few startups. He serves as our Greenville campus director and supports marketing and operations projects for the expanding team. A father of two, he tends to spend his free time catching up on movies and dreaming of sleeping in.

Lindsay Sutton

Campus Operations Manager

Lindsay lived in four different locations before high school, and after graduating from Bryan College in Dayton, TN, she taught English as a second language in Seoul, Korea for 16 months. Lindsay keeps the travel bug at bay by spending time with her husband and puppy and exploring the ethnic restaurants in Atlanta. Since laying down roots through community involvement and different dance classes, the city has become home. Discovering The Iron Yard's Atlanta campus and becoming a part of the team in 2015 was a catalyst for Lindsay to invest even more in the community while capitalizing on her penchants for organization and efficiency as the Campus Operations Manager. The excellent Vietnamese restaurant down the street just sweetened the deal.

Katlyn Whittenburg

Campus Director

Artsy-type, Kid-haver. Katlyn studied Theatre at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After college, she was on the road to pursuing a career in Acting/Directing when she got pregnant. When no one would cast her in all her pregnant glory, she decided to start doing stand-up comedy. At the very least, people would laugh at how weird she looked. After doing stand-up for a couple of years, she had her second daughter and decided that the life of a traveling comedian was not what she wanted as a mother. She decided to make a life change, which included attending the Iron Yard, herself! She graduated from the Front End Engineering program in Atlanta in August 2014. She loved TIY so much, she decided she wanted to work there. Luckily, the feeling was mutual, and here she is!


Jo Albright

iOS Instructor

Jo started as a designer while studying at the Creative Circus, which has cursed him with the need to critique any and all bad design implementation. After getting a taste of code as a web developer, he found his passion and constantly pushed himself to learn more. That journey led him his true love: building apps for mobile devices. After launching several top-notch iOS apps, he landed at startup HighFive, a mobile rewards platform that tracks user activities and chooses when to offer rewards. His passion for education has never left, though, so he joined our team as an iOS instructor to help others discover the beauty of Objective-C.

Brit Butler

Ruby Instructor

Brit taught himself programming in 2008 and never looked back. Though his professional background is web development with Ruby and Python, Brit's favorite hobby project is a Nintendo emulator written in Lisp. Brit is fascinated by the history of software, the interplay between academia and industry, and the unique challenges of legacy code. If he's not mumbling about macros or working on his open source projects, you can probably find him playing with his dogs, making cocktails, and trying to learn more about fighting games and sound synthesis.

Tom Crawford

iOS Instructor

Tom has been involved with technology almost as long as he can remember. He's seen technologies (and computer languages) come and go from mainframes to mobile and from COBOL punch cards to Swift. While he has worked on mobile since the early days of Windows CE, he currently spends most of his time on iOS (and a little Android) with over 20 apps on the app stores for companies both large and small. He combines the technology experience with a background in business, design, and education to help his students get a well-rounded experience, not just learn to code. When he's not thinking about technology, he is an avid traveler having been to all 50 states, half of the Canadian provinces, and more than a dozen and half countries, and enjoys cooking and a nice glass of wine.

James Dabbs

Ruby Instructor

Trained as a mathematician, James heard the siren call of software development while working on his PhD, jumped ship, and never looked back. Most recently, he's been crunching numbers as a senior engineer at Emcien in Atlanta. He's very excited to be back teaching and able to share his zeal for software and development. When not thinking about code or mumbling things about monads, James is also an enthusiastic drummer - mostly math rock, naturally.

Christopher Davies

Front End Instructor

Hi! My name is Christopher Davies. I’ve been writing software ever since a friend convinced me that it was fun. (That was way back in 1999.) I’ve built projects ranging from shipping terminal management systems to MMORPG registration sites and everything in between. Over time, I’ve transitioned from building mostly native applications to building almost everything using standard web technology. Along the way, I’ve taught and mentored others — something that I’ve always found to be deeply rewarding. So what do you get when you combine love/knowledge of tech with love of teaching? The IronYard! That’s why I’m thrilled to be joining as a front end instructor. When I’m not busy hacking code, I may be found playing soccer, ultimate, or foos. Or maybe tinkering around on my guitar. Or hiking somewhere with my beautiful wife. Or painting. Or reading a good book. Or reading a bad book. Or writing sentence fragments.(photo taken from my wedding - it’s the only time our students will see me in a suit)

Clinton Dreisbach

Python Instructor

Clinton Dreisbach is a self-taught programmer and ukulele player from the beautiful city of Durham, NC. He has worked on everything from two-person startups to giant government agencies slinging everything from Perl to Ruby to Lisp. When not teaching, he is a frequent contributor to open-source projects, a conference speaker, an award-winning game designer, and a dad.

Brian Gates

Ruby Instructor

Brian is a proud product of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania (midway between the state capitol and the Little League Hall of Fame; home of the World's Longest Banana Split). He has spent most of his life either teaching and tutoring - including math from long division to calculus, physics, beer brewing, chemical engineering, and kung fu, plus web development - or computering, playing with Fortran, Perl, PHP, Javascript, and Ruby. Ruby is the one that makes him smile, and it'll do the same for you. (Just say it out loud. 'Ruby. Rooobeeee.' See?)

Ben Gohlke

iOS Instructor

Ben grew up in Orlando, Florida and has been a tech nerd of one type or another his whole life. After teaching himself Linux administration and shell scripting, he tackled desktop Java development on several different projects, including one for the Department of Defense. Following some more Java development in the private sector and a dabble in Windows .NET programming for the now defunct Windows Mobile platform, he got hooked on the unique challenge presented by the limiting constraints of mobile programming. Upon the iPhone release, Ben began a 5 year exploration of Cocoa and Objective-C. Recently discovering the Iron Yard, he changed course once again to become the iOS instructor for TIY's Orlando campus. Ben is ready to dive in head first and do his best to serve the Iron Yard and its students well. Oh, and occasionally he likes to actually dive for real, mostly in the spectacular reefs and shipwrecks off the coast of Florida.

Justin Herrick

Rails Instructor

Justin was born and raised in southwest Florida, and currently resides in Tampa. Driven by a passion for games, he began teaching himself programming and design at a young age, creating video games for himself and his siblings. Justin understands the power of non-traditional education, self-taught in HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Actionscript, Haxe, Elixr, and Clojure. Justin joined 8th Light in early 2012, going through their apprenticeship program and later mentoring others. He has worked as an independent software consultant, social media manager, and is now excited to take on the role of educator. In his free time, Justin enjoys unsweetened iced tea, coffee, language design and indie games.

Kyle Hill

JavaScript Instructor

Kyle grew up on Long Island and went to college in Rhode Island, but ended up in DC several years ago trying to get some use out of his Political Science degree -- luckily for everyone, it didn't work out. He's been a developer for almost a decade, and has worked in some weird places (a healthcare company on a farm; a power supply factory; the Department of Defense) but most recently led product development at Jibe. His favorite language is Javascript, but he also has experience with Ruby, Python, C#, and MUMPS. (Yes, MUMPS is a real language. Don't use it.) Besides coding, you can usually find Kyle obsessing over board games, coffee, and a bunch of obscure foreign sports.

JD Isaacks

JavaScript Instructor

JD Isaacks was born in Fort Worth, Texas but has lived in many different places. He taught himself how to program while he was a computer technician in the U.S. Army. After leaving the military he spent the last 10 years as a fullstack software developer. He loves working on open source software, is the creator of the popular GitGutter Sublime Text package, and has contributed to many open source projects such as D3.js and Backbone.js. When he isn't busy hacking away he enjoys watching movies, documentaries, and spending time with his family.

Sam Kapila

User Interface Design Instructor

Sam Kapila is a designer from the Dutch island of Curaçao, who lives in Austin, TX. For six years, Sam taught Communication Design at Texas State University, where she helped build web design curriculum, including developing an upper-level course on Responsive Web Design and web typography. Her previous design work is recognized by Good50x70, Poster4Tomorrow, CMYK Magazine, Art Director's Club of Houston, and the American Advertising Federation. When she's not designing and coding, she's recording podcasts or chasing food trucks around Austin and eating.

Matt Keas

JavaScript Instructor

Matt is an Oklahama-born, Texas-raised southerner with brief Australian and British residences. He learnt programming in high school but quickly branched into scientific computing, compilers, web development, and computer security. He finally settled with a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas and two security certifications from "the man". The remaining 90% of Matt's experience was filled with his involvement in two startups; one SXSW campaign; a healthy dose of freelance web development; an opportunity to author a few books; some speaking arrangements at large conferences; and a consulting position that helped to round out his eccentricity with soft-skills, management exposure, and a place in the Houston community. Here at the Iron Yard, Matt works to break down concepts into delicious bite-sized morsels, meant to be enjoyed with crafty beer, memorable memes, and sophisticated southern and British "humour".

Aaron Larner

JavaScript Instructor

Aaron is a passionate software developer and recovering Nutella addict. He co-founded 900dpi.com, a content management and web hosting platform for web designers. Before starting 900dpi, Aaron was the Chief Technology Officer at The Art Commission, a global online community that celebrates design projects featuring commissioned artworks. When he's not working on a new Node.js project, Aaron enjoys rock climbing, cooking and exploring Austin.

Mason Matthews

Ruby Instructor

Mason grew up in Raleigh, NC, and started coding in Pascal and FoxPro at the age of 13. He has always been a software developer on the inside, but has served in many roles over the years. He received a Master's in computer vision and machine learning, taught at the North Carolina School of Science and Math, and ran SciMed Solutions (a local Rails development shop) as its President for five years. Mason loves being surprised by new things, sharing his love of small feedback loops, and identifying assumptions so that he can break them apart and build something better.

Kelly Murray

Assistant Instructor

Kelly recently returned from a stint in San Francisco’s tech scene to become Durham’s Assistant Instructor. She’s passionate about tech, education, and coding literacy, and believes all three can make the world a better place. When she’s not bathed in the glow of a monitor, she’s spending too much time gaming, blogging, or deciding what her superhero name would be just in case she ever wakes up with super strength.

Robert Pearce

Rails Instructor

Robert Pearce is an English major turned software writer from Charleston, SC who has spent the last 4 years living the digital nomad life throughout various European countries and the US. Tech industries in which he has worked range from healthcare to transportation to education. He is the CTO of RidePost, teaches aspiring coders, mentors startups and attempts to surf.

Jason Perry

Ruby Instructor

Jason is a native Floridian who started building for the web as a teen in the mid-'90s. He's been a Rubyist for about as long as anybody, founding the Tampa Ruby Brigade in 2006 and taking great pride in being an active leader in the local tech community. After stints in academia, startups, and as a consulting freelancer, he has found great joy in mentoring and sharing the knowledge gained over his career. He's also a game development enthusiast with a love for 3D modeling and animation. Jason is a father, a skeptic, entirely too opinionated, and prefers a word count with a power of two. When the world gets heavy you can find him either building LEGO® as catharsis or harnessing his power animal -- the panda bear.

David Rogers

JavaScript Instructor

While also a long-time freelancer and full-stack developer, David really loves teaching. He helped design and teach the Web Development AS program for Valencia College, authored the 'Shaping Up with Angular JS' course for Code School, and is writing additional curriculum for more advanced students. Originally from Charleston, SC, he attended Clemson University and spent several years in Greenville, although long before the Iron Yard emerged. He may be an Orlando transplant, but -- like many other invasive species -- has become deeply rooted since being introduced. He leads monthly user groups, speaks at local tech conferences, and mentors others in his spare time. You can find him online by his unique pseudonym 'AL the X' and IRL by his penchant for haberdashery.

Jacob Smith

Ruby Instructor

Jacob has studied computer science and philosophy at a traditional university, gotten in an argument with a famous philosopher's daughter in a Carthusian monastery in Austria, lived with monks in the South Bronx, tricked people into agreeing to the tenants of the Communist Manifesto while working on an automotive assembly line, and loves thinking and learning about thinking and learning. He has been a professional web developer for 8 years, though he took a short break to teach junior high. He quickly learned that the conventional ways of thinking about the world are insufficient to meet the needs of our society, and he thinks that learning about and teaching programming is one of the best ways to learn how to think about the world. He is a JavaScript and Ruby developer, though he simultaneously loves Haskell and has never written a working program in Haskell.

Joel Taddei

Python Instructor

Simply put - Joel loves programming and loves to share his passion. He startedhis programming career with C#/.NET and has since explored a handful of otherlanguages and technologies - primarily Python and Javascript. He loves speaking at conferences and user groups and is always ready to contribute something toan open source project.

Calvin Webster

JavaScript Instructor

Calvin was born in Hawaii but eventually landed in Charleston by way of the Outer Banks. Tempered by hurricanes and big waves, Calvin has a passion for coastal life that is only rivaled by his passion to learn and teach. Calvin has taught web development classes to college students and environmental education to K-12 students. As a developer Calvin has worked with a huge range of companies, from The Charleston Museum to the Veterans Administration and Cummins Marine. He has also contributed to the Modernizr project as well as Adobe Brackets.

Tim Whitacre

JavaScript Instructor

Tim comes to Atlanta after living in Scranton, PA, for the past 12 years. He is just as excited to leave behind the long-wintered north as he is to be a part of the Iron Yard. As a developer he has had a wide range of experiences from roles in small startups to large, publicly traded companies. He is also the co-founder of an agency that has worked alongside Fortune 500 companies. When not programming, he can be found playing music or catching up on one of the many documentaries found on Netflix

Jesse Wolgamott

Ruby Instructor

JWo was not born in Texas, but got here as fast as he could, y’all. (born in Arizona and lived in Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Kenya, and Japan — all before he was 6), and was given access to a computer (8086) soon thereafter. After Dig-Dug, being the only kid in school typing reports and handing in his school reports in Lotus 123, he started to like these computer things. He programmed Perl during Web 1.0, .NET during the bust, and now Ruby and Javascripts. Jesse has been a consultant using open source software stack for 5 years, and is an open source developer and contributor. Jesse has taught Ruby courses since 2012, authored a book on AngularJS+Rails, and has loved Rails since 2007. Jesse has trained and spoke at conferences across the US, and has determined that Tacos rule and salads drool.