Peter Barth

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Peter went to Vanderbilt University and studied computer engineering, which naturally led to him becoming an options executive on Wall Street. After the financial markets had worn out their welcome, he packed his family up, moved to Indianapolis and returned to his hacker roots as a software developer and CTO for SinglePoint, Inc. After several other successful startup exits, he moved his family to Greenville, SC, where he helped start NEXT and build the NEXT Innovation Center and founded The Iron Yard. He currently serves as our CEO and is sometimes referred to as "The Iron Barth."

Eric Dodds

Partner, Brand and Ops

Eric was born and raised in Upstate SC, where he spent his early years hiking, mountain biking and dirt bike riding with his dad. Somehow he ended up at Clemson University, where he tutored calculus, studied marketing and matriculated summa cum laude. (We hear there was a lot of wake boarding, too.) After school Eric worked at a nationally renowned marketing shop, where he developed content, managed accounts and built strategies for companies like Best Buy and Doubleday. He crossed paths with Peter as The Iron Yard was being born and jumped ship to join as a partner and head of marketing.

Mason Stewart

Partner, Lead Instructor

Mason was born and raised in Jackson, MS (better known as The Dirty South). He grew up in the woods and, as a result, likes animals, trees and beer. A hacker from the start, he began hacking on software in his early teens. Upon moving back to the USA after four years in Japan, at age 24 he ended a multi-year fast from programming and hit the ground running. Like any good college graduate with a degree in philosophy, he has worked for small, boutique web shops, startups in San Francisco and everywhere in between. Mason serves as our CTO and head of all things pedagogical.

John Saddington

Partner, People and Ops

John is a hacker, writer, entrepreneur, engineer and future venture capitalist. He has an insatiable curiosity for online technology, digital publishing and many forms of entertainment. He has worked as an engineer and executive for Fortune 50 companies and has exited a handful of bootstrapped and VC-funded startups. He serves as a partner and Chief Strategy Officer for us, setting the tone for how our organization grows and builds culture. He's also the chief hacker at his newest startup, Pressgram.

Aubrey Duggar

Operations Manager

Aubrey was born in Houston, TX, and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina, meaning she's a southern girl through and through. Before she was even halfway through with her degree at the University of South Carolina, she had already joined Peter to help run the first iteration of our Accelerator program when she wasn't in class. On campus she served as Philanthropy Chair then Recruitment Vice President for Alpha Delta Pi (largest chapter in the nation). Every summer since then she has returned to Greenville to keep us straight with her perfect organizational skills, type-A project management skills and her always-wonderful way with people.


Marty Bauer

Managing Director

Marty is not your typical Managing Director. Although he used to weigh 300 pounds and make crying babies of Division I defensive linemen, he is now a gentle-hearted husband to his wife, Sarah, father to his pooch, Shakey, and fearless leader of the startup company Ridepost. His superhuman abilities allow him to also serve as the head of all things Accelerator at The Iron Yard. He is learning the art of the home brew, and is an avid fly-fisherman.

Jeff Boeh

Campus Manager

Jeff was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. During his childhood there wasn't a sport he didn't play, but he eventually he re-directed his passion towards music and taught himself how to play guitar. Jeff spent his early career working in marketing and graphic design, starting out sweeping floors and eventually handling everything from client management to design and production. While on vacation visiting his brother in Spartanburg, he was introduced to Marty and The Iron Yard and his ticket was punched. Only two short weeks after that vacation he packed his bags and headed down south. An avid lover of the outdoors, the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains didn't hurt either.

Campus Directors

Sally Kingston

Campus Director

Sally grew up in Davidson, NC, but fled the south as soon as she could. She studied Math at Swarthmore College in not-so-sunny Pennsylvania, then fled the snow back to the south as soon as she could return, spending a few years in Chapel Hill studying Information Science at UNC and finally landing in Charleston, SC. She has spent most of the past seven years hanging out with developers in various capacities and has even picked up a little code herself. She spends her free time chasing her twin boys, pursuing the perfect gluten free cookie, and playing roller derby as her alter ego, Whippopotamus.

Sarah Lodato

Campus Director

Sarah Lodato is a self-professed crafty superstar, and can be spotted around town digging through piles of vintage treasures for the next DIY opportunity. Her love for all-things-Atlanta has driven her deep involvement with the crafter and maker communities, a sense of “togetherness” she’s excited to bring to The Iron Yard. She's keen on styling and graphic design, always keeping her feet on both sides of the fence when it comes to creative and technical abilities. Her passion for education will be a driving force in the direction of The Iron Yard - Atlanta, and she’s excited to grow the campus into an impactful and welcoming community.

Jessica Mitsch

Campus Director

Jessica is the Campus Director for Durham. She is a Raleigh native and a graduate of the College of Charleston where she majored in Religious Studies. She unexpectedly stumbled into a career in tech by working on the People Team at Red Hat, Inc. where she learned to love the exciting and innovative world of tech. She is extremely passionate about education and is excited to pair her passion for education with her experience in the tech space. She can be found moving in a studio somewhere - dancing or doing yoga. She loves to travel, just about anywhere she can go and is a bit of a health nut.

Roy Schmidt

Campus Director

Roy grew up in Tulsa, OK, but recently moved to the area after 12 years in Seattle, where he performed random acts of marketing and product management for Disney, Microsoft and a few startups. He serves as our Greenville campus director and supports marketing and operations projects for the expanding team. A father of two, he tends to spend his free time catching up on movies and dreaming of sleeping in.

Rich Winley

Campus Director

Rich serves as The Iron Yard's Campus Director for Texas. Born and raised in South Carolina, he resides in Houston, and has plenty of roots in Texas. He often called "The Hustler" by those who know him because of his fast pace work style and ability to build relationships. He's been featured in New York Times, Entrepreneur.com, TechCrunch, Black Enterprise, and others throughout his startup career. In addition to education and tech, Rich is passionate about discovering and promoting great local food and still runs a startup called No Chains. If you live or visit Texas ask for Rich, and if nothing else you'll leave with a story to tell.

Laura Lindeman

Assistant Campus Director & Content Editor

Laura Lindeman is an all-around word nerd: avid reader, blogger, and occasional grammar pedant who has opinions about the Oxford comma. She comes to The Iron Yard after several years of working in the non-profit sector and is excited to translate her organizing skills into empowering the next generation of developers. Laura is a firm believer in the power of community and the ways technology brings people together, though sharing a delicious meal in person is even better. She has a soft spot for cardigans, funky earrings, and chocolate with peanut butter. When she's not writing or helping students with Ruby on Rails, you can often find her backpacking, bargain hunting, or trying out new recipes.


Jo Albright

iOS Instructor

Jo started as a designer while studying at the Creative Circus, which has cursed him with the need to critique any and all bad design implementation. After getting a taste of code as a web developer, he found his passion and constantly pushed himself to learn more. That journey led him his true love: building apps for mobile devices. After launching several top-notch iOS apps, he landed at startup HighFive, a mobile rewards platform that tracks user activities and chooses when to offer rewards. His passion for education has never left, though, so he joined our team as an iOS instructor to help others discover the beauty of Objective-C.

Nick Bucciarelli

Ruby Instructor

Nick pursued a degree in Video Game Development from Full Sail, where he received his bachelor's in two years. He has since switched industries and started developing web applications...and he hasn't looked back. He moved to Charleston, SC, where he began consuming every bit of knowledge he could. While moving up the ranks at Jack Russell Software to become a Senior Developer (from apprentice in only 3.5 years!), he found a love for teaching motivated individuals everything he had to offer and decided to pursue a career in education. He is super excited to teach and share his passion for his craft (web applications) to students at The Iron Yard Academy.

Clinton Dreisbach

Ruby Instructor

Clinton Dreisbach is a self-taught programmer and ukulele player from the beautiful city of Durham, NC. He has worked on everything from two-person startups to giant government agencies slinging everything from Perl to Ruby to Lisp. When not teaching, he is a frequent contributor to open-source projects, a conference speaker, an award-winning game designer, and a dad.

Matt Keas

JavaScript Instructor

Matt is an Oklahama-born, Texas-raised southerner with brief Australian and British residences. He learnt programming in high school but quickly branched into scientific computing, compilers, web development, and computer security. He finally settled with a Computer Science degree from the University of Texas and two security certifications from "the man". The remaining 90% of Matt's experience was filled with his involvement in two startups; one SXSW campaign; a healthy dose of freelance web development; an opportunity to author a few books; some speaking arrangements at large conferences; and a consulting position that helped to round out his eccentricity with soft-skills, management exposure, and a place in the Houston community. Here at The Iron Yard, Matt works to break down concepts into delicious bite-sized morsels, meant to be enjoyed with crafty beer, memorable memes, and sophisticated southern and British "humour".

Shelby Switzer

Ruby Instructor

Shelby Switzer is a language-lover, self-taught programmer, reader, wanderluster, writer, and snow-and-water enthusiast currently eating falafel. While studying Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at the University of Cambridge (Trinity College), she learned to speak a variety of esoteric and endangered languages, and had amazing opportunities to travel and work across Europe and in Africa. After graduating, she worked at an art gallery in Malaysia and taught English in a small village in the foothills of the Nepali Himalayas. She returned to the states with a passion for both spicy food and getting involved in the startup tech industry as a means for community development, so she became a disciple of Matz and started building with Ruby. Since then, she has worked with a variety of startups in the role of lead backend developer, consultant, and Scoville scale expert. She's beyond stoked to be part of The Iron Yard team and spread the cult (erm, I mean joy) of Ruby.

Calvin Webster

JavaScript Instructor

Calvin was born in Hawaii but eventually landed in Charleston by way of the Outer Banks. Tempered by hurricanes and big waves, Calvin has a passion for coastal life that is only rivaled by his passion to learn and teach. Calvin has taught web development classes to college students and environmental education to K-12 students. As a developer Calvin has worked with a huge range of companies, from The Charleston Museum to the Veterans Administration and Cummins Marine. He has also contributed to the Modernizr project as well as Adobe Brackets.

Tim Whitacre

JavaScript Instructor

Tim comes to Atlanta after living in Scranton, PA, for the past 12 years. He is just as excited to leave behind the long-wintered north as he is to be a part of The Iron Yard. As a developer he has had a wide range of experiences from roles in small startups to large, publicly traded companies. He is also the co-founder of an agency that has worked alongside Fortune 500 companies. When not programming, he can be found playing music or catching up on one of the many documentaries found on Netflix

Jesse Wolgamott

Ruby Instructor

JWo was not born in Texas, but got here as fast as he could, y’all. (born in Arizona and lived in Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Kenya, and Japan — all before he was 6), and was given access to a computer (8086) soon thereafter. After Dig-Dug, being the only kid in school typing reports and handing in his school reports in Lotus 123, he started to like these computer things. He programmed Perl during Web 1.0, .NET during the bust, and now Ruby and Javascripts. Jesse has been a consultant using open source software stack for 5 years, and is an open source developer and contributor. Jesse has taught Ruby courses since 2012, authored a book on AngularJS+Rails, and has loved Rails since 2007. Jesse has trained and spoke at conferences across the US, and has determined that Tacos rule and salads drool.

Teaching Assistants

Joe Tamburro

Teaching Assistant

Joe knew zero about programming before taking The Iron Yard's Front End Engineering class. Now he's a solid hacker and a gifted programming teacher. He graduated from Clemson in 2009 with a B.S. in Business Management. He spent the two years prior to enrolling in our school as a touring drummer in a band based out of Greenville, SC. He loved traveling and being on the road, but towards the end he knew it was time to close that chapter in his life. Here's what he has to say: "I can say without any hesitation that going through with this course was the best decision I have ever made." We agree...so much so that we kept him around to support Mason as a Teaching Assistant.