Kristian Andersen

Founder of Gravity Adventures

Tim Argo

Tech Licensing Manager at Mayo Clinic

Brett Arp

Marketing at Wyndham

Irene Au

VP Product at Udacity

Jerome Aya-Ay

Co-Founder at Palmetto Proactive

Micah Baldwin

CEO at Graphicly

Charlie Banks

Managing Director at Capital Angels

Chris Barrett

Founder of PRserve

Jim Barrett

VP Sales & MKT at Softential

Marty Bauer

Co-Founder, CEO of RidePost

John Bauknight

President of LongLeaf Holdings

Luke Bayas

Co-Founder, CTO of Locally

Vivek Bhatia

Director of Innovation at SCAD

John Bielenberg

Founder of Future

Michael Bolick

CEO of Selah Genomics

Reggie Bradford

SVP of Product Dev at Oracle

Craig Brown

President of the Greenville Drive

Dirk Brown

CEO & Chairman of Pandoodle

Dodd Caldwell

Co-Founder, CEO of MoonClerk

Ryan Carson

Founder & CEO at Treehouse

Jon-Michial Carter

CEO of ChartSpan

Russell Cook

Managing Director at 4e Ventures

Brian Corbin

Engineer at PokitDok

Colin Crook

CEO of Knock Twice

Corey Crowley

CTO of Chartspan

Leighton Cubbage

Co-Founder at Serrus Capital

Andrew Danielson

Business Dev, Mayo Clinic Ventures

Randy Dobbs

Speaker & Author

Matt Dunbar


Kathy Dunleavy

CEO of MaryBlack Foundation

Jim Edwards

CEO of ELITE Strategic Services

Brian Ellin

Product Manager at Twitter

Chris Farris

Farris LLC

Bo Fishback

Founder & CEO at Zaarly

Mathew Franken

Founder Dr. E. Brown Enterprises

Josh Fraser

Founder & CEO at Torbit

Matt Gevaert


Dan Godla

Founder of ThoroughCare

Marc Gottschalk

Partner at Sidley Austin LLP

Frank Greer

CEO at Zipit Wireless

Vikas Gupta

CEO and Founder of Play-i

Bruce Holstien

CEO, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare

Terry Horner

Data Scientist at

Lissy Hu

CEO & Co-founder of Careport Health

Bob Hughes

CEO at Hughes Development

Heidi Jameson

Dir. Marketing Strategy, JM Smith

Alan Johnson

Product Officer at Treehouse

Mark Johnson

Co-Founder of Pathwright

Paul Johnson

Co-Founder of Pathwright

Rob Johnson

Product Strategy at Gnip

Matthew Klein

Founder at Seedtrackers

Sam Konduros

Executive Dir., GHS R&D

John Krebsbach

Co-Founder at Spent

Andrew Kurtz

President & CEO, Vigilix and Proactive Tech.

Joseph Lancia

CEO at SCIO Diamond

David Lawless

Co-Founder of ChartSpan

Gary Lee

President and COO at InReality

Ron Lewis

Creative Director at MailChimp

Jeff Lind

CTO & Founding Partner of Knock Twice

Mark Liu

VP & CTO, 8to18Media

Bart Lorang

Founder & CEO at FullContact

David Mandell

CEO of Pivot Desk

Eric Marcoullier

Advisor & Investor

Jack McBride

CEO & Owner of Contec

Gavin McCulley

Charleston Angel Investor Network

John McElligot

CEO & Founder, ShootStay & Usic

Keith Messick

CMO at Keas

Logan Metcalfe

CFO at Arena Consulting

Terrell Mills

Attorney at Wyche

Harold Moore

VP & CIO, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare

Ryan O'Hara

CMO at ChartSpan

Steve Palmer

CEO at Locally

John Park

Founder & Creative Director of Arts+Sciences

Robert Pearce

Co-Founder/CTO at Ridepost

Robbin Phillips

President at Brains on Fire

John Pizzi

COO at mFoundry

Senthil Premraj

Founder & CEO of HealthPlotter

Sanjay Rama

Co-Founder Trips-N-Salsa

Kelly Rodriques

CEO at PENSCO Trust Company

James Rogers

Chair, Mayo Clinic Ventures

Renee Romberger

VP of Health Policy & Strategy, SRHS

Wayne Roper

President of SC Bio

Carey Rothschild

Director of Access Health

John Saddington

CSO at The Iron Yard

Madiken Scholl

Founder of TipHive

David Setzer

CEO at Virtual Connect Tech.

Hiten Shah

CEO of KISSmetrics

Paul Singh

Founder, 500 Startups & Crystal Tech Fund

Nathan Sinsabaugh

Design Director, KA + A

Kevin Skarritt

CEO of Flock Marketing

Emily Smith

Information Architect

Kevin Smith

Engineer at Hipstamatic

Matthew Smith

Chief Creative Officer, Relay Foods

Kyle Sollenberger

Co-Founder of Cotweet

Toby Stansell

President & COO at Acumen IT

Damien Stevens

Founder & CEO at Servosity

Mason Stewart

CTO of The Iron Yard

Alan Stone

VP of Business Dev, adQuadrant

Kevin Survance

Found & CEO of Eleos

Eddie Terrell

SC Bio

Jim Toopes

MD at Toopes Consulting

Andria Trivisonno

Co-Founder of Spent

Steven Wagner

Founder & CEO at Dealer Ignition

Dan Waldschmidt

Speaker, Author, Strategist

Peter Waldschmidt

Founder & CEO at Gnoso

Steven Walker

Design Manager at Groupon

Michael Walsh

Founder at Cariloop

Aarron Walter

Lead UX Designer at MailChimp

Warren Weeks

Rap Index

Bill West

Partner at Atlantic Partners

Adam Wilczewski

Former US Dept of Commerce

Frank Williamson

Managing Partner, FourBridges Capital Advisers

Tom Wilson

President, Jack Russell Software

Rich Winley

Campus Director, The Iron Yard Texas

Ryan Wood

Co-Founder & CTO, MoonClerk

Rob Wright

Co-Founder, Homebrewed & Partner, One Quarter Ninja

Sam Zebarjadi

Founder of Zamp